Using Standard and Premium APIs in different apps for same purpose


I have an existing app (from 2 years ago) which uses the standard API. I used it as the basis for a successful developer application. I want to port that app to the premium API. However, I also need to retain the existing app. I now realise I probably should have created a new app and applied on the basis of that.

What are my options? Should I create a new app and seek approval for that (even though it’s essentially the same app)? Or is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Tim,

No need to create new apps or transfer your existing apps. You will be able to continue using the same app with the same @handle as long as you apply for a developer account using the same handle that owns the app that you are using.

You can and should use the same app for anything that pertains to a single use case, ie post and engage with Tweets. If you have multiple different use cases, you might want to consider setting up a new app.

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