Using since_id correctly


Hi guys,

I’m polling the REST API with URL’s that look like this:

With the goal of getting every tweet that’s occurred SINCE that ID. On the former URL, no new tweet should have occurred and on the latter, one new tweet has occurred, yet both URLs return a bunch of old tweets.

As one example, you can clearly see that this is user pbmclain’s latest tweet: (and that tweet ID matches the since_id i passed)

Yet what I get back from the API is:

List(Twits(Some(355381939772985346),None,Some( And just for completeness I present:, Twits(Some(355377232404951040),None,Some(, Twits(Some(355375834946740224),None,Some(He was at ECOOP and didn’t get back until that evening.)), Twits(Some(355375288726720512),None,Some( Don’t forget @timfelgentreff who wasn’t present for the picture! Very important part of the team.))),)

Which represent a bunch of old tweets.

Thank you for any advice


If you go to and click on “Tweets & replies” you will see that 5 tweets have been created after the one specified in since_id.

And the since_id you are using for @piercelamb is their first tweet so all of their tweets comes after.