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Hi Everyone

I’ve been wondering for some time if this would be a legitimate use of twitter api or a breach in the terms and conditions.

Would it be possible to use different user access tokens for the same purpose? Say my team wants to get some data from the twitter API, and due to the volume of that data, It would take days for the task to be acomplished due to API limits. Would it be possible to get different people from the team to login with the app we’re building and sucessively use everyone’s tokens in order to shorten that time. If it is a breach, where in the terms and conditions does it say so?

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Per 6e of the current Developer Policy:

Do not do any of the following:
i. Use a single application API key for multiple use cases or multiple application API keys for the same use case.

Also, in the summary of the Terms:

  • Don’t try to circumvent rate limits. Rules are rules, please follow them accordingly.
  • Register one API key for your application. Don’t use a single API key for multiple use cases, and don’t register multiple keys for the same use case.


Oh, how could I miss that. Thanks, It’s crystal clear

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