Using reverse auth for getting access to direct message


Hi there,

Is there a way for getting access to direct message with reverse auth method authentification flow as described on Twitter documentation or I have to use exactly a UIWebView on my application ? Because I want a full native application and I don’t understand how I can deal with this request to direct message :confused:

Do you have any idea ?


Im receiving direct messege but im not sending back just bcos of my crude nokia


I have some news, reaching Twitterrific developer and say that using reverse auth is the good way, I try to use my access token for another user using my app with twitter for mac console api, and my token is valid (I guess it say it’s ok 'cause is full authorised with my application ?) but when I try to reach direct_messages.json i get the error code 93. My app already got access to direct message…

I’m confuse with what I have to do now…