Using REST Api, what is the tweet limit? We are getting 403 Forbidden error


We are using REST Api in one of our application. We are getting 403 Forbidden error.
What is the root cause of this? If it is tweet limit, what is the daily tweet limit?
We are able to tweet after few hours, but again after some time we are getting the same 403 Forbidden error.


You can find information on API rate limits here with more here

You can use the /application/rate_limit_status endpoint to get more information.


Are rate limits different from tweet limits?

Thanks Andy for you response.


Sending tweets is covered by the same API rate limits as for other objects.


Could you please update both links?


With to the relaunch of the developer site, you can now use the search functionality to find these pages.

The key one is

We published a new tips blog post today which also talks about rate limiting on Twitter