[Using premium plan] How to increase direct message API limit upper limit


My name is hiroshi.

Currently, the following premium api plan is in use.

SELECT LEVEL OF USAGE 25 subscriptions / month


I have two questions.

1: About DM limit

In the link destination described below,
I understand that there is limitation of direct message transmission and reception per day, but I want to increase the upper limit of the limit.
Where is the application method?

Limit of DirectMessages using Twitter API (1app / day): 15000 messages

Described place:

2: Use API when receiving DM from user first

On the other hand, I also found the following description.
Excerpt from the following link

A user sent DM to me.
I sent DM to the user through API
I still have 1000 request limits
Am I misunderstanding?

Your interpretation of this is correct.

If you receive DM from the user first, will not it take the limit?


There are two limits, user based and app based.

The app authentication limit is due to new changes, you can read about them here:

You can increase the messages by applying for elevated post, it is not related to the premium API, but there are certain conditions before you can apply

Once you get approved, then only user limits apply (per second part of your question)


thank you for your answer.
I will confirm the contents received and I will do it.

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