Using photos in DMs?



The response from media/upload gives a media ID, which can be attached to a status update, but when composing a direct message, the only option is to include text. It doesn’t give a media URL, and the media ID itself expires after an hour unless incorporated in a tweet, so I’m presuming being incorporated more manually in a direct message doesn’t count.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to include an image in a direct message? On the page regarding sending direct messages, it’s mentioned that users can be whitelisted for a related API - to find out if you’re able to send a user a direct message. I applied for this a few days ago but didn’t yet receive a response. I’m wondering if a similar API exists that I could be granted access to, that would allow me to add photos to a direct message?


@AndrewProjDent, there is no way to attach photos to DMs via the API at this time. As you can imagine the team that handles elevated requests reviews many many request every day. Please give them some time. Also, please be aware that not all request will be granted as outlined in the docs, so I would not make any product decisions that would depend on this particular feature.


Hi I’m looking to a way to send dynamically generated images using DirectMessaging with the twitter API. And read here that images cannot be attached to DM’s while using the twitter API to manage interactions, there is no other way to do that than manually?