Using OAuth for login permissions


I want to use the OAuth for a user login modal but I don’t want to track user information. I have selected Read Only permission. However it still tells the customer that I’m tracking certain information (like tweets and who they’re followomg). My OAuth doesn’t track anything. It just allows them to log in via Twitter.

How do I remove it?



Your app has the capability to do those things, which is what Read-only permissions are granting. That’s why the message on the login page says this. Feel free to add a message on your app to say exactly what you are using the permissions for, but unfortunately we do not provide the ability to change this message as part of the Twitter login flow.


Awesome! Thanks for responding so quickly. Is it easy to add a message?


Well, I’m suggesting that you add a message inside your app, or on your site, to explain what you are going to use the Twitter login permissions for - so it is really up to you how easy that might be! There’s no way to customise the message inside the Twitter login page itself, it will always show “Read tweets” and “See who you follow”, since that is what read-only permission potentially enables you to do, even if you are not doing that.