Using JS API to send a tweet (w/o @anywhere tweet-box)


I have a short video here showing an image composition feature I just built into my Twitter Art Client app

I am wondering how best to send the image and the associated tweet without building anything on the server.

The JS API comes to mind. I’m already using it but for now entirely via @Anywhere exposed API and JQuery selectors.

I’m wondering if it would be safe to use the raw JS API “status update” call to tweet from the image composition area of my app (the image itself will be published via JS cross-domain to one of the image hosting services [until Twitter supports image uploads via @anywhere)

I understand the general answer is not to use the JS API directly, but I believe the “status update” function is so crucial to @anywhere that it will always be there.

Do you have any suggestions or comments? and if it’s ok to use the “status update” functionality of JS API without the @anywhere tweet box then what is the exact API to invoke?

Maybe I’m missing something and there is already a formally exposed Status.update API as part of @Anywhere?