Using DM deep link doing more with 140 characters



I am working on “Doing more with 140 characters”.Was going through the documentation and had a small question about Prefix portion(@mention) suffix portion(URL).According to - it’s not very clear on how this is changing.

I have some questions regarding DM Deep link in tweets. According to Documentation DM deep link should be added via the attachment_url parameter, and any other links inside the text of the Tweet will be included in the 140 chars.Which API is suitable for adding attachment_url for deep links.

When used attachment_url parameter and extended_tweet in statuses/update API shows belo error:
{ errors: [ { code: 44, message: ‘attachment_url parameter is invalid.’ } ] }

Has twitter populated prefix(@mention) portion excluding 140 characters. @username is still counting in 140 characters itself. Please help me in this.


This is a duplicate of this post.