Using Automatic Replies Feature


We want to capture response from our followers, who are commenting on our tweets. We’ll be capturing and segmenting our followers into groups, based on how the responded. We then want to target a group with a response. If there are 100 people in a particular group, they will either receive a private message or an @user reply (depending on whether they’re following us or not).

Is this allowed?

Facebook allowed us to use their “reply to many” feature, because we’re only replying to people who have directly commented on our tweet, expressing a particular interest. Does anyone know if Twitter offer a similar feature that won’t be penalized.



You should read and understand the automation rules.


@andypiper - a campaign my agency has launched using the @KO_Bots account sends an auto reply to those that participate so they can donate to the partner NPO. The terms says that exceptions can be made for brands with additional rules (potentially). The link to the marketing site (for an account manager contact) does not give a clear way in which to actually do so.

Am I totally missing something, or is this for huge brands only?