Using @Anywhere on subdomains


Is it possible to allow @Anywhere to authorize users on all subdomains of a domain (*


Is there anyone I can email regarding this? Obviously this thread is not working out.


Hi there,

This isn’t possible – you’ll need to register each subdomain on that you’ll be using. How many subdomains are you looking to support? It’s possible that a server-side integration might make more sense for you.


The application is a web hosting platform, with each client having their own subdomain. There are presently around 1000 subdomains, but there are more daily.
Is there any way to create a session using server-side auth that @Anywhere can use?


I’m also having a similar problem. What needs to be done for server side integration?


In this scenario, it’d likely be best to either stay away from @Anywhere completely or require that each subdomain-holder register their own @Anywhere keys tied to their personal sub-domain. The security model of @Anywhere doesn’t match well with multi-tenant hosting platforms like this. Are there specific features in @Anywhere you’re especially wanting to offer?


There are primarily two features that our implementation is using: Twitter-branded authentication (T.signIn() and T.isConnected()); and publishing tweets using AJAX (T.Status.update()).


And btw @episod thanks a lot for taking the time to follow up on this. I really appreciate it.


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