Userstream now defunct?


Hi folks,

I was now able to find any current threads about this, but I noticed the Twitter API status page indicated ‘service disruption’ for the past week, and even when attempting to consume data through it, not all events are streamed (i.e. only unfollow events are when the current user is not the target?).

Does anyone happen to know whats going on and if the userstream will ever be back? Am I completely out to lunch on this?




Hi, the “service disruption” label is unfortunately not properly reading our servers via a third-party monitoring tool, and we are working to get that sorted out!

User streams are indeed an available and supported part of the API. Can you be specific about what data you believe is missing?


Hi Andy,

That a major relief!! I’ll go back and have a look at what I’m doing wrong… just didn’t want to spend time debugging my code when I thought there was a genuine service disruption with the API.

Thanks for the quick reply, Sir.

Kindest regards,