usersShow and userLookup



For several weeks now the data on follower_count and friends_count that I get is different whether I request it through users/Show or users/Lookup.

users/Show is giving me the same data that Twitter Web is showing. Based on the API limits I can’t replace users/Lookup with users/Show in my app. So…

  1. Does this happen to any of you?
  2. Why does this happens?, Can i trust users/Lookup data at all?
  3. Is there any way around I can get the user’s data of a list of users ID without going above the API’s limits?



There are different implementations below the covers on these two methods right now, and essentially backed by different kinds of caches. Their results will become more aligned within a few weeks. Most numbers in the Twitter API are “eventually consistent” anyway – lots of servers to connect to, lots of chances for varying values.