Users/Show rate limit is only 15 per 15 minutes instead of 180 per 15 minutes


Today out of nowhere the api limit for my app which calls users/show only, has changed from 180 requests per 15 minutes, to only 15 requests per 15 minutes and rendered my app useless as it can not process all info within limits…

Is there currently a bug in the api or did it really change rate limit with no announcements?


This first started happening around 6:35pm EST today…


I have fixed my issue using users/lookup instead of users/show… But would still like to know why the rate limit of users/show has changed to only 15 requests per 15 minutes without any announcement?


we experience same issue,
/users/show?user_id=12345 now has only 15 requests per 15 minutes
/users/show/12345 has 180 requests per 15 minutes as declared in the doc


Yesterday about 15:00 UTC we started experiencing this problem with /users/show.
Our app sends a series of around 100 /user/show requests, one each second. Then waits for 30 min to repeat this. It has been working OK until yesterday. Now I get the “Rate limit exceeded” after the 15th request in the series.
We were planning to change to /user/lookup, but for now our app is not working.


The same problem here, API ( /users/show) a user can only request 15 times for 15 minutes. And documentation inconsistencies. Is the document is not updated?


This seems to be happening again… My app, which had been running for almost a year now, suddenly started experiencing rate limiting. tiger_seo’s fix worked, but this is rather irritating.
Also, the same thing happened for statuses/show.

Was it ever discovered why this happened last time? Was it a twitter bug, or is there some fine print that I need to read?