Users/show.json only returns 1 tweet



I’m using the Twitter-API-PHP to request the most recent tweets. However, it only return the most recent tweet even though I’m asking for 3:

  $settings = array(
		    'oauth_access_token' => '',
		    'oauth_access_token_secret' => '',
		    'consumer_key' => $consumer,
		    'consumer_secret' => $secret

		$url = "";
		$requestMethod = "GET";
		$getfield = '?screen_name='.$name.'&count=3';

		$twitter = new TwitterAPIExchange($settings);

I’ve tried other accounts that tweet frequently and still get a single tweet.


Hello @gobiglabs,

This repository is not owned or managed by Twitter. I recommend that you reach out to the repository owner with any questions related to the client, or try to use one of the repositories that is owned and managed by Twitter:



You’re calling users/show, which is an endpoint that returns an individual user object, and embeds the most recent Tweet. There is no count parameter available on this endpoint.

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