Users search doesn't show up some verified account



Today I experienced some weird behavior on the /1.1/users/search.json REST API endpoint. when I look for a specific user, it doesn’t show up in the search results. It seems to occur only with verified accounts. for example requesting /1.1/users/search.json/q=BRITAwards or /1.1/users/search.json?q=samsmithworld won’t return me those user, even if the query matches exactly the screen_name of those particular users.

I usually do those query via twitter4j in Java, but I did the testing with POSTMAN as well. Also tested using different accounts.
Twitter search input return those results.

Is that a known issue? Am I doing something wrong around this ?

Thanks in advance

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User search missing expected results
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I’m experiencing the exact same thing. The users/search endpoint is broken.

Anyone out there know how long this will take to fix? My site relies on Twitter search and I may have to move it to using the Facebook API instead.


It seems some other users experience the same, there might be some issues currently.


Thanks for all the reports, we will investigate.


Great news @andypiper, thanks!


Tracking internally as PREL-11824

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In my case, twitter only show up the first 20 results and page parameter does not work.

I even tested this on Twitter people search results only show up 20 results: (example:

The same results appears on the official twitter app for iOS.

BTW. I’m sorry. What’s the meaning of Tracking internally as PREL-11824. I’m new here you know :sweat:

GET users/search endpoint returning inaccurate results as of a few hours ago

“PREL-11824” is the internal tracking number for this issue / bug. It is useful i.e. if you want to ask about a status update or refer to this issue. Unfortunately there is not public bugtracker for these issues anymore.


This morning it works fine for me… :stuck_out_tongue:
It is solved, isn’t it?


It’s working for me now. Twitter staff, thank you all. :heart:


It’s working for me again too! Yay.


Has been updated and fixed, to the best of our knowledge. Thanks for the confirmation everyone, and your patience!


Great, it seems to work well on my end. Many thanks for the quick fix.

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