Users/search always returns 401


I’ve been busy maken an xAuth wrapper for iOS to my linking and am now battling users/search. When I use it trough the Twitter developer tools it works fine but when I use it trough my code it does not. Every time I get ‘could not authenticate you’ back. (401)
Now I have made the base signature the same as that from the twitter tools but it still gives me 401’s back.


There might be some other reason your OAuth isn’t working in the other context. Are you able to issue a request to account/verify_credentials in your secondary environment?


I will try to run account/verify_credentials. I am how ever able to follow people and tweet stuff from my environment. But those are POST api’s. The only thing different from the payload between the twitter tool and my app is the NONCE, could that be it?


No, nonces are just random values. There might be some other thing wrong with the encoding of your request to users/search – can you share the URL you’re trying to execute and if possible the signature base string?