Users followers you follow?


Is there anyway to make an API call when logged in to find out what follower of a user you follow?

for example: displays 6 of the people i follow, because they follow the astros.

any help would be appreciated! working on a sports project for computer science.


There’s no direct API to get that information – you would have to compare the followers of the target account with the list of people the viewing account is following.

You can use friends/ids and followers/ids to do this pretty quickly.


Only problem is friends/ids or followers/ids only returns 5000 at a time. When you’re looking at a sports team that have hundreds of thousands of followers, you will get rate limited.


Nearly two years on, i was wondering if this is still not available via an API call. Would be really useful for a project I’m thinking of.


4.5 years later. Still no API method for this. If an update to the API includes this feature, can someone please update this thread?


We’re more likely to make an announcement in the Announcements category than to update an older thread, but I’ll try to remember.

Our API roadmap is available here - there’s no plan to make changes to the friends/followers functionality in the medium term.