Users are getting followed by my account instead of my website visitors twitter acount


hy i am very new to twitter and this forum so please forgive me if i am asking wrong question or in wrong place i have achieved following untill now

displaying list of twitter users on my website and custom follow button against each listed user
when user clicks on follow button i am using create to get that user followed on twitter , i am using abraham library for twitter for authentification but i am facing following problem

users are getting followed by my twitter account instead of my website visitors twitter account :frowning: i am stuck at this point since 15 days not know what to so :frowning:


It sounds like you’re either not having your users authenticate, or not using their token when they do so.

Either way, though, the easiest (and probably best) way to get this functionality on your web site is to use a standard Twitter Follow Button.


isaach thank you very much for your concern and answer :slight_smile: actually we don’t want twitter prompt window to be open on every follow button clicked thats why we are using create friendship Api instead of twitter standard follow button :slight_smile: and i do understand that this problem is due to wrong authentication method (Application only auth) i am using so i studied all kind of authentication and studied lot of material but still confused where to start as for app only auth i am using abraham library for twitter for authentication in which all i have to do is to give my app keys can anyone please help me its been 15 days i am stuck in my plugin development on this point :frowning: is there any library like abraham in which all i have to do is to give my consumer keys and that library perform authentication on users behalf ?


should i share link to the website whose functionality i am trying to follow ?


You’ll need to get your users to sign in with Twitter so that you can perform actions as them rather than just as yourself. There’s a guide to how that works at


isaach sorry for too much questions but can you please visit following link using username: check123 password: check123

click on target user tab on left side and then search for twitter users to follow them … i am trying to get same functionality

this website asked me to login through twitter only once and never again but when ever i follow someone on this website than that user get followed in my account even if that time i am offline from twitter acount


Yep, you’ll need to do the same “sign in with Twitter” thing. Have your users authenticate once, then you’ll be able to perform API actions on their behalf… like following.


ooh i think i got your point :slight_smile: you mean to say i have to make my visitors to sign in with twitter for once and get access token on their behalf and save them in my database then use that saved tokens to make api calls every time when that user logged in my website ??




yahoooooo its done :smiley: thankx a lot God bless you :slight_smile:


Fast work! That’s great; glad you got it working.