Username typeahead on third-party website


I would like to allow users on my website to nominate other Twitter users in a text input field. I intend to provide an autocompletion feature similar to Twitter’s mention typeahead when a user enters @ in a Tweet.

@JakeHarding developed similar functionality in a demonstration of typeahead ( Unfortunately, the logic is hidden in a herokuapp.

I would be grateful for any support you can provide.


I think you’d probably need to do something to populate the data source field for typeahead.js (which I think is what Jake’s backend proxy is doing). You could base that on a lookup of usernames of folks the authorised user follows, for instance. I’m not aware of a public API which can do autocompletion of “any” Twitter username, I’m afraid.


Hi Andy, thank you for your suggestion. Do I understand correctly that Jake likely has privileged access to the Twitter servers in his Herokuapp?