Username in widget and shorted Short-URLs



I have some problems with the twitter widget in my website.

  1. latley in the widget in front of every tweet there is automaticly my username shown. admittedly only in the widget not on the twitter website. Is there a parameter I can set in the source code?

  2. the widgets shows my tweets, but also my re-tweets and answers. How can I fade the re-tweets and answers out inside the widget?

  3. It would like to customize my short-URLs via bit-ly. unfortunately the widget “shorts” my short-URLs again so they are cryptic again.

My website is and I use the standard widget (

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,
Soeren Spoo

Vollständiger Name: Soeren Spoo
Twitter user: @stadtdortmund


Unfortunately it isn’t possible to get the level of customization you want with the standard widget. If you want to render Tweets with a custom UI, you’ll need to use a third party widget, or write your own.


thank you so much

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