User tweets only visible to themselves



We have a user who has been complaining that some of their tweets are only visible to them (We use the REST API), their tweets are not seen by their followers (other users get 404 errors when clicking the links for these tweets)
I asked them to send out tweets using the Twitter client and sure enough, some of these tweets became visible only to them even when sending using the Twitter web client (or iPhone app)
Has anyone else seen a problem like this? And what could be the cause for this? Is there anything we need to be doing on our end when sending the POST requests?



Not sure on this one. There’s certainly no change to the way that statuses/update works.

To understand a little more, at an API level, is your app posting statuses as usual and getting back the Tweet ID of the published Tweet, but then other users who try to retrieve those Tweet IDs see a 404 on statuses/show? Or am I misinterpreting the problem here?

Are these Tweets replies to other users?


Hi Andy,
Thanks for your help!
Yes, your characterization is correct. But I also noticed that we get the same problem from this user even when they post from the Twitter Web client. This happens to some of the tweets, not all of them.

If I do statuses/show from their own token I get a valid response, but if I do statuses/show from another user’s token I get 404. Also, I can’t see the tweets on Twitter web client when I visit their profile.
These are tweets, not replies or retweets.

I can share the specific ids with you if that helps.


Here is the response for statuses/show I get when using own token (I blanked out personal info)

{“created_at”:“Sun Feb 19 15:31:34 +0000 2017”,“id”:zzz,“id_str”:“zzz”,“full_text”:“XYZ”,“truncated”:false,“display_text_range”:[0,98],“entities”:{“hashtags”:[{“text”:“XYZ”,“indices”:[0,8]}],“symbols”:[],“user_mentions”:[],“urls”:[]},“source”:"\u003ca href=“” rel=“nofollow”\u003eTwitter Web Client\u003c/a\u003e",“in_reply_to_status_id”:null,“in_reply_to_status_id_str”:null,“in_reply_to_user_id”:null,“in_reply_to_user_id_str”:null,“in_reply_to_screen_name”:null,“user”:{“id”:zzz,“id_str”:“zzz”,“name”:“XYZ”,“screen_name”:“zzz”,“location”:“zzzz”,“description”:“zzz”,“url”:“zzz”,“entities”:{“url”:{“urls”:[{“url”:“zzz”,“expanded_url”:“zzz”,“display_url”:“zzz”,“indices”:[0,23]}]},“description”:{“urls”:[]}},“protected”:false,“followers_count”:1111,“friends_count”:111,“listed_count”:102,“created_at”:“Wed Feb 22 21:52:20 +0000 2012”,“favourites_count”:74,“utc_offset”:10800,“time_zone”:“zzz”,“geo_enabled”:true,“verified”:false,“statuses_count”:12721,“lang”:“ar”,“contributors_enabled”:false,“is_translator”:false,“is_translation_enabled”:false,“profile_background_color”:“C0DEED”,“profile_background_image_url”:“zzz”,“profile_background_image_url_https”:“zzz”,“profile_background_tile”:false,“profile_image_url”:“zzz”,“profile_image_url_https”:“zzz”,“profile_banner_url”:“zzz”,“profile_link_color”:“1DA1F2”,“profile_sidebar_border_color”:“C0DEED”,“profile_sidebar_fill_color”:“DDEEF6”,“profile_text_color”:“333333”,“profile_use_background_image”:true,“has_extended_profile”:true,“default_profile”:true,“default_profile_image”:false,“following”:false,“follow_request_sent”:false,“notifications”:false,“translator_type”:“none”},“geo”:null,“coordinates”:null,“place”:null,“contributors”:null,“is_quote_status”:false,“retweet_count”:0,“favorite_count”:0,“favorited”:false,“retweeted”:false,“lang”:“ar”}

Here is the response I get when I query with my own tokens:

{“errors”:[{“code”:144,“message”:“No status found with that ID.”}]}


There’s a chance that this could have been a temporary bug - is this still happening today? At the moment I don’t know what could cause this, and would need some Tweet IDs to dig further as a minimum.


Thanks Andy, the problem hasn’t happened in two days, though they pretty much stopped tweeting since then, they got discouraged thinking they are just wasting their time.
Here is a sample 833338241747152897, it works when you query from their token, but not from outside

Thanks again for your help!


I think this is most likely to be occurring if a Tweet was marked as spam - I can’t see that Tweet myself, so I can’t comment on whether that is definitely the reason.


OK, thanks.
So if your tweet is marked as spam, you can see it yourself? sorry I never had a tweet marked as spam.
Also, is this automatic or if people mark your tweet as spam?



I’m not able to say whether this behaviour is always the case when Tweets are marked as spam, but this is very likely to be a possible cause here. I just tried this with one of my test accounts, and can confirm the behaviour.


OK, I see great thank you so much!