user_timeline with OAuth and jQuery


I’m trying to build a custom widget to display my tweets. I’ve searched for a couple hours and haven’t found anything other than more confusion.

From what I understand I need to use OAuth to authenticate each request.

Does anyone have some sample jQuery that allows me to retreive tweets as JSON? Is there a tutorial on this site? I can only find samples using API ver 1, which is going to be retired this weekend.


First you need to use server-side code to connect to the API with OAuth, and get the tweet data. Then you can use jQuery code to request that data from your server and display it. If you program in PHP on the server, this ebook will give you a set of PHP and jQuery code that you can build on.


Thanks Adam, that is going to help. I found a tutorial for this in .NET

And a CodeProject post by the guy who wrote the final comment in the link above.