User timeline widget height problem


I am trying to add tweet feed on my website home page.
I am using timeline widget for this.
My problem is my website has block to display tweet feed of size 300x230 and I wanted to display twitter feed on that. Whatever code I got from user timeline widget to paste has default height 350, because of that its coming out of my home page block.
I found some kind of timeline37…css file and some code like

its generated my twitter base on my widgets design. If I change some height in this like
this may solve my problem but i don't know is it possible? And how? I think my description of issue is understandable. Thx in advance


same prob, any suggestions?


I have the same problem, any suggestions?


I think I ended up using a jquery widget that called the profile ID and then I styled that appropriately it was called Tweetable


Supposedly, the minimum height is 350, but when I set it below that it works using the following format. Imagine same can be done for width.

Tweets by @twitterapi


this works :slight_smile: i have used this method before :slight_smile:


I tried adding the height to the a tag, but I get a JS error:

TypeError: can’t access dead object
…lve(t)}catch®{n.reject®}}:t.bind(n[r],n)},l=function(e,t,n){return a(e)&&n._…
widgets.js line 14

I also tried to set it dynamically based on another element without success…
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {


#twitter-widget-0 {
height: 200px !important;