user_timeline return last tweets many times


Hi guys,

I have an issue when working with twitter API 1.1. I use user_timeline to get 20 tweets with AppOnly Authentication per call and I also use max_id to get the older tweets.

I have tested with my new twitter account, which have only 4 tweets. The first run is ok when I can load all 4 tweets and display in my app. However, when I scroll to last row, I propose the other api call to get older tweets. The max_id is calculated based on the lowest id (of 4) then make a call.
The result is return with all 4 tweets again.

I have no idea whether it is an issue or not. Is that when the max_id is provided, if there are no tweet of selected screen_name lower than max_id, the result should return nil.



I am also using max_id. I dont have any issue. Can you provide api calls (for more information)


Thanks. I have found my error already.