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I have an embedded user timeline on a wordpress 4.2.2 site, which is no longer showing the photos. Even though I always had the Auto Expand photos checked. It just stopped showing them approximately 2-3 days ago and offer no way of opening them on the timeline. Please check out at:
Notice below that another widget made from a list shows photos no problem.


I see an embedded user timeline for Twitter user fboLoud. The latest Tweets from that account are cross-posts from Facebook, with links to the For Blogging Out Loud Facebook page. Viewing the same user timeline on Twitter does not display photos.

You will need to post on Twitter with a Twitter photo before a photo viewing option would apply to the embedded version of that Tweet.


Hi Niall
So, do you mean to upload the photo prior to creating the tweet?
Originally what I did was create tweet with url link and twitter would fill in with photo no problem.
So on my next tweet relating to a post on my wordpress site, I should:

  1. Load photo
  2. Create tweet with url link
    and that would work?
    Also would that reinstate all the images that I lost that are loaded in twitter already?


Twitter supports uploading a photo when posting a Tweet. These photos may appear in a timeline and are affected by an “auto-expand photos” preference in your user timeline widget settings.

Twitter also supports link previews powered by Twitter Card markup. An individual Tweet link may display a Twitter Card with more details about a link contained inside the Tweet. That link preview may also be visible when embedding an individual Tweet on your website.

Tweets created by Facebook as a result of creating a new post on your Facebook page are the responsibility of Facebook. If you believe Facebook previously did a better job posting your Facebook Page updates to your Twitter timeline you should contact Facebook support to communicate your preferences.

Example of Tweet with a photo upload by NYTimes:

Example of a Tweet with a Twitter Card displayed for the same shared article:


Is there any way to upload photos to existing tweets?
These tweets already had photos linked to them, but
for some reason they don’t show.


No, you cannot edit a published Tweet.