User suspended



I am developing an application that downloads the list of users followed by a user, as well as their most recent tweets. Our application creates big datasets of tweets to be used in NLP research, to complete an undergraduate thesis.

I am aware of your REST API rate limits and I make my code stop and wait for a new time window well before I hit the limit of the current window. Therefore I respect your limits. But for some reason, earlier today, while I was running a downloading task of my application (that stops-and-waits before reaches the limits, in each time window), I got a 403-63 error message that was saying that I had been suspended. For some reason I could use REST API some time later, but I still did not manage to finish my task (download 708 User objects in a period of 80 minutes (5 windows of 15 minutes)).

Could you please tell me if I have violated any rule and how? This is the first time I am getting this message in almost 3 months that I am using REST API in my application.

I would appreciate a rapid response.