User Streaming Down


I have a process with a user streaming account, it has been working so far, but now when I make the request to the streaming it returns an error saying that the account exceeds 10000 followers so that the streaming does not work. Is there a way to limit how many followers affect streaming?
I have tried performing the request with streaming with the parameter with = user and with = followings and in both cases it gives me the same error.
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What exact error code and message are you seeing? I’ve just tried to connect to user streams for my own account which exceeds 10000 followers and I have no issues.


Hi, i have pasted response and request.
Please note that user_id:XXXXXXXX is for privacy.


message:The requested user follows more accounts than the maximum supported by this streaming endpoint. Only a subset of 10000 followed accounts are included in this stream.,


Ah, ok - that’s just the over limit warning message that should be expected in this case, rather than an error that stops you from connecting and using the stream.

User streams is capped at 10,000 users on the follow graph, as documented.

Note that user streams will eventually be replaced by the Account Activity API per our recent announcements and roadmap.

For full fidelity streaming data you’ll want to consider our enterprise APIs.


Okay thanks. Then the problem must be in another side because it does not receive anything from the streaming.

Could streaming have been blocked for this account?


Seems doubtful, unless you were connecting and disconnecting too rapidly (you would have seen HTTP 420 error codes).


Okay, thank you.


I’m seeing this same thing. A steady stream of “FOLLOWS_OVER_LIMIT” messages and nothing else (on a site stream with 100 users).

I’m using


As you will have been notified, site streams and user streams are now deprecated, unsupported and will be going away in the coming months in favour of the new webhook based system. If you’re trying to consume too much data then this error will likely be the result.


Hi Andy , But in Account Activity API , twitter api providing direct messages alone now .For the remaining activities we are depending on site streams only. So what is the solution? As in announcement after 6 months period you will deprecate streaming apis , then will you provide all the remaining apis with in that ?

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The roadmap shows that many of the additional activity types will be added to the account activity API over time. The over limit message is a restriction of the Streaming API in its current state.


Thanks andy , We really like this webhook movement. :slight_smile: