User Streaming API Going Away?


Is the free user stream functionality up to 1% really going away? Or will the exact same functionality be available via the new api?

For research it was nice to just enter tweet criteria i was interested in then just get them real time streamed.


Yes it is I believe it’s planned 6 months after the equivalent webhook api leaves beta.

The Webhook api doesn’t yet support anything other than Direct Messages at this stage though.

I’m not sure how the Webhook API will work on a device though as I’ve not looked into implementing it at this stage


Hopefully the same sort of functionality will exist in the webhooks setup. I’d hate for it to be dropped completely.


That sounds like the standard stream with a filter, rather than user streams (user streams are for all events related to a user account). The current intention is to have some level of 1% sample available, the roadmap does not talk to removal of anything other than user streams and site streams - but all of these things are subject to change, so do pay attention to the roadmap over time.


Sorry yes. Just the standard stream with a filter is what I meant. All my research is small enough that 1% is not an issue. Are you saying this stream will stay then in the current plan?


Yes - this is laid out in this card on the roadmap. There’s no timescale or specific detail about what the new endpoints will deliver yet, but the intention is to make this more robust than the current streaming API.