User stream returning "2" and other hex numbers


Starting about an hour ago, the user stream API is interspersing lines containing just “2” or “bf8” and other short hex-looking values (but mostly “2”). I’m getting one per stream every few seconds. Tweets are still coming through okay.


Are you seeing this in a raw connection (e.g., using a cURL command), or are you using some kind of client or library?


I’m using for Go.

I would try with cURL, but the last one I received was at 5:16pm (39 minutes ago). Perhaps it’s resolved.


Alright. Thanks. Please let us know if it begins happening again.


It started happening again, but I found that it is a bug in the library I’m using. Thanks for the recommendation to use cURL!

I think the JSON blobs for tweets have increased in size, become larger than the read buffer, and the library doesn’t properly combine them.


I got git hub but don’t know how to use it and didn’t do it because I think you have to pay for it don’t worry im done