User Stream doesn't return anything



Hi there,

I use the User Stream for quite a few years with no problem. But since one hour, despite being connected fine to the User Stream endpoint & no changes on my code, it returns nothing.

I’m getting disconnected after 10 minutes though:

Phirehose: Phirehose connection error occured: Socket disconnected
Phirehose: Closing Phirehose connection.

I have the same issue on Tweetbot for Mac (which uses user stream as well) with a different account. My “backup/backfill” system using the Rest API works well though.

Any incident/maintenance ongoing?



There may be a temporary issue here at the moment. Please be patient and retry later. Thank you.


It doesn’t appear we can check the api status online anymore?

Is there a plan to re-enable this on the new dev website somewhere?

Where should we follow for updates on when streaming api products are returning to normal? is quiet, so I assume you’ll post here?



We’re working on a replacement for the API status page (as mentioned in the blog post) and this will be available again in the future. I’ll keep an eye on the issue and do my best to post here when resolved.


Actually I was wrong in my title. The User Stream does return some events, like a new follow or a like on my tweets. But I don’t get any tweets (mine or mentions).

If that helps!


We believe the issues are resolved if you reconnect (respecting DNS lookups). We apologise for any inconvenience caused.