User Stream & Automation Rules



Hey there,

Working on the new version of my game, I came across two things I’d like to discuss because the “Automation Rules” are not clear about it.

I know the User Stream is likely to disappear in favor of web hooks, but in the meantime it’s still there being used and I hope you can help me.

First thing is, It looks like I don’t get follow events when the account following me is private. It works well for public accounts, I receive the follow event through the stream, but when it’s a private account, I receive nothing. Which is problematic for me as I need to see the replies my players send to me. So my questions are:

  • Is it intended or am I missing something ?
  • If it’s intended, are we allow to check periodically through the REST API if some accounts out of our followers are private and send them a follow request?

My second point is about quoted tweets. I receive them perfectly but the rules don’t explain if quoted tweets are considered as “interactions”, meaning we can, as a chatbot for example, reply to them in an automatic way if the quoted tweet is ours.

Thank you!



Any ideas/recommendations about this?



I am still interested to know more about these questions.