User & Site Streams bug fix when @mentioned by protected account


In addition to the [node:27246] that we’re rolling out on April 15-16, we’re bundling in a fix around an unexpected behavior when a user is following a protected account and is @mentioned by that protected account.

The incorrect behavior manifests in the following context:

  • User X follows User Y (a protected user).
  • The User or Site Stream streaming on behalf of User X has the with=user parameter set
    (which overrides the with=followings default behavior in that User Y's Tweet stream will not be presented to User X on the connection).
  • User Y @mentions User X
  • .

The incorrect behavior is that User X will not see the @mention by User Y.

After this fix, User X will see the @mention by User Y.

There is no change to the behavior in other contexts (for example, when using the default with=followings parameter, or if User X is not following User Y).

Random behavior on User Streams API when a protected user mentions

This is LONG overdue, so thanks, now that it’s been corrected I’ll go back to being protected. I take it User X can only read the mention but not User Y’s (the protected individual) entire timeline which is protected from the rest of the membership and User X.



No, that’s incorrect. In this context, User X is already following Y, so X will be able to see all of Y’s Tweets and Y’s timeline. (Remember, Y had to approve X’s follow request.)

If X did not follow Y, it was already the case (and will continue to be the case) that X would not see Y’s @mention of X, regardless of whether X is using with=user or with=followings.