User search - I get duplicate results and pages repeat instead of end


I am trying to query for users by keyword, gather information from them, and process a large set (say up to the max results, 1000)

2 problems:

  1. Repeated results. It seems if I query for page 1, do some processing, then page 2, I might get a repeated result. Is this normal?

  2. There is no end to the results. If I put in a low response query, that will only have 1 page of results. If I ask for page 2, it will give me the same results, page 3 same results, page 4… etc. So if I process the max 50 pages, it’s going through 50 pages of the same stuff. Shouldn’t the api return an empty array or nothing on the second page?

So problem 1 is a problem because of 2. Because normally I could say, stop searching if blank, but could do stop searching if repeated results, but both don’t work.


GET users/search Pagination

I am running into same exact problem. Did you find any solution to it? Please let me know if any one has found the solutions (and reason too) this happening. thanks


No one really answer in this forum. :rage:


It’s probably related to this


Same problem here! Any news?