@user OR to:user query doesn't work


my intention is to fetch user timeline and all mentions and replies to the user.
So I am trying to do the search like this “to:user OR @user” and fetch timeline using statuses/user_timeline.
The last works fine but I realized that search doesn’t.
It looks like it returns more results when calling “to:user” only instead of “to:user OR @user

Do you hahe any idea if it is some kind of limitation or my usage of OR operator is incorrect.



This worked for me when I tried to duplicate the behavior you’re reporting. I got more results with the OR query. Do you have a specific example? Maybe post the query string for a failing example. (I’m not with Twitter. Just found the problem curious and wanted to see if I could duplicate the issue.)


Are you trying to run a search query with the standard statuses/user_timeline endpoint? Send the query details/format if you can. Also note, this query format and these operators are available for premium and enterprise APIs which would give you more direct and complete results.