User not authorized to create tweets for promotable user


We’re running in to an issue where a user seems to have all required permissions to create a promoted-only tweet on behalf of another user but still receiving the error:

twurl -H /1/accounts/18ce53utno3/tweet -d "status=test&as_user_id=478626801"

"errors": [
    "message": "User 1175047837 is not authorized to create tweets for user id 478626801"

I’ve verified the we have FULL user type for account 18ce53utno3 and user 478626801:
twurl -H /1/accounts/18ce53utno3/promotable_users

"data": [
    "account_id": "18ce53utno3",
    "created_at": "2013-12-05T16:41:05Z",
    "deleted": false,
    "id": "2qtnj",
    "promotable_user_type": "FULL",
    "updated_at": "2013-12-05T16:41:05Z",
    "user_id": "478626801"

Also checked authenticated user access for the account-user combination:
twurl -H /1/accounts/18ce53utno3/authenticated_user_access

"data": {
  "permissions": [
  "user_id": 1175047837

Are we missing a piece of the required permissions to get this to work?


Modify campaign via API

@adk_cj: You’ve got the right idea making the request to the GET accounts/:account_id/authenticated_user_access endpoint. It looks like the authenticated user (1175047837) does have the TWEET_COMPOSER permission for 18ce53utno3, whose full promotable user is (478626801).

Are you still unable to create Tweets on 478626801’s behalf? One small change I see to the authenticated user access response is that the 1175047837’s permission is now set to ACCOUNT_ADMIN (instead of the AD_MANAGER role it previously had).


Hi Juan - Looks like it is working now. Not sure why it changed though. Thanks, CJ


Thanks for confirming, @adk_cj!