User/lookup user_is error 401


Hi,” error 401
up until today I was using “” which gives error 410 gone which is fine I understand it is close down test so I changed the 1 to 1.1 and I get error 401 however if I only use 1 user_id no error and all ids are separated with a coma, the same result for “” the call seems to only handle 1 id or 1 screen name the face if it is set to the old api version 1.0 and returns 410 gone not 401 would mean oauth is fine and if it was not then when only 1 id how come it returns the correct result.


Make sure you’re encoding your characters correctly. API v1.1 is stricter about OAuth 1.0A and HTTP alike. Commas are reserved characters that must first be encoded in a querystring or POST body and then must be encoded again in the signature base string.