User limits for writing (I'm aware there isn't proper rate limiting on POST-API)


I’ve searched all over the place before posting this.

I’m aware that users have 15-minute blocks where they have 15 writes allowed. So my app should be able to tweet 14 tweets per 15 minutes safely. I made a mistake with my app at first and had it tweeting far too fast. It got to 124 tweets in about that time. This confuses me for several reasons.

  1. If the limit for a 15-minute window is 15 tweets, how did my script manage to pump out over 100 tweets in the space of about 20 minutes?

  2. The error my Python IDLE received at the 124th tweet was that the user’s daily limit had been reached. I was thinking that if 15 tweets are allowed per 15 minutes, then that would be the case all day. I should be able to post over 1000 tweets a day. So is there a daily limit on top of the 15-minute limits as well? What is that limit?

Thanks for reading!


One source tells me that the daily limit is around 1000 tweets but the 15-minute intervals are around 15 tweets. But that wouldn’t explain why after approximately 125 tweets I’ve hit the daily limit.


Tweeting isn’t limited like API methods… they’re more like allowances for accounts.

Accounts can send 1,000 tweets per day. But that is divided into roaming windows of time. The windows of time are longer than 15 minutes. They also allow for more than 15 tweets per window. However, the length of the windows and the amount of tweets you can send in each is not published.


Thank you, Taylor.


Also, is it normal that my error message stated I had gone over the daily limit even thought it was far less than 200 tweets? Or is the daily limit error message displayed even when it’s one of the roaming window limits that have been exceeded?


Yes, the same “classic” error message is displayed regardless.