User is over daily status update limit


The new POST limits came in very recently so these could be related. It could also be that the users are using multiple apps and hitting their own daily update limits via those apps more quickly in aggregate. Thanks for your patience while the new systems roll into place.


For all in this topic, we implemented new app-level rate limits on October 22nd. If one of your users posts Tweets 5 times within 3 hours, that is well within the user-level rate limit that we have. However, if you have 500 users posting Tweets 5 times within 3 hours using one of your Twitter apps, that is over our app-level rate limit.

Please review this announcement for more details on this:

If you are hitting these rate limits, then you should submit the following form, making sure to select I would like to apply for elevated POST limits.

If you do not see this option on this form, then you are likely not making requests to the POST endpoint at a volume that would require this elevation.

If you are indeed hitting rate limits, but do not see this option in the form, please let me know. I am going to need the following information from you to help you out:

  • The app ID that you are hitting rate limits with.
  • The endpoint that you are hitting the rate limit with.
  • The use case related to why you are making so many requests to this endpoint.



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