User is over daily status update limit


Since approximately 0900 PDT today, we at @trueanthem have been seeing and increasing number of error messages reading “(185) User is over daily status update limit.” when attempting to make Tweets on behalf of our customers. Currently we have received this message 3,235 times today. This is causing scheduled tweets on our service to fail as a result. Based on the information provided on this page (, we should be able to make 2,400 tweets per day per network account, and nearly all of our affected accounts tweeted fewer than 100/day over the past 24 hours.

We have not previously encountered this issue before and believe this is bug unless you can point to some documentation regarding a change to daily status limits. Can you provide us with any insight at this time?


Have you reviewed the new app-level POST limits that apply from today? New POST endpoint rate limit enforcement begins today

There have been several announcements over several months. Instructions on how to request elevation are in the lost linked above.


Thank you for your quick response.


We just started getting this error too. We’ve been waiting for a reply for four days on our case. Any estimate on the wait time for a rate limit case is?


Hi @Ponny - what app did you apply with?


@andypiper Thanks for your help! We applied for elevated POST limits through the @trueAnthem app last night. Do you have an estimate for when we can expect to get a response to our application?

We continue to experience an increasing number of these errors that are causing posts to fail for our partners. We have seen 10,526 errors over the past 24 hours. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


We are not commenting on wait times at this time, but it shouldn’t take too long, depending on whether your use case is in-line with our policy or not.


Is it me or are those limits stricter than actually recorded here? New POST endpoint rate limit enforcement begins today

300 tweets per 3 hours (100 tweets per 1 hour)…client is sharing way less but message still comes up


@andypiper I’ve followed the steps in the New POST endpoint rate limit enforcement begins today article. In doing so, I’ve applied for a developer account. When I click on the link in the confirmation email I see an alert message:

Is this to be expected? I want to make sure everything is confirmed and submitted correctly.


Our main production one. The case id is 95775922 if that helps. We floated some suggestions and queried the policies. I wish I knew what the status of it is. I’m not sure if it’s stuck in limbo, decidedly being ignored, or still in a big queue. Unfortunately, there’s just no feedback.

I had my developer account application in limbo for a month because I didn’t realise I had to reply to a specific email. It’d be great if you could allow users to see the progress/state of their support cases.


I am seeing the same behavior. Are these limits applied to each “authorized” user or the application as a whole?


This was the point of the announcement in July. The new limits apply to the application as a whole, unless you apply for elevated access and additional use case review.

Please revisit

The user level limits are available, by request for elevated access, subject to use case review and developer and automation policy compliance.


Thanks for the clarification. This makes sense.


@Aurelia Would you be able to let us know the state of our case and if not, if we should create a new one?


I don’t quite understand, are you saying all apps are being restricted unless they go through review? I’m seeing users get rate limit messages even though they are tweeting from their apps just 3 times an hour


@Ponny There is no need to create a new application for now. I can confirm that your application is still in our queue and will be reviewed. Thanks for your patience.


Correct. The new limit is that the app overall (across all logged-in users) is limited to the documented number of POSTs per hour. If you would like to have that limit removed and return to each logged-in user having their own rate limited quota, you need to ask for elevated access / review. So, if you have say, 50 logged-in users and they are all POSTing via statuses/update, that will be 50 out of your app’s quota of 300 in 3 hours, so each would theoretically only get 6 posts within that period (assuming even distribution of post activity, of course).


No I’m saying even for a little site which tweets from a developer app of their own which they created; once every 6 hours they’re still hitting the limit.

Those apps were created at, this is not supposed to happen according to the limits that you posted, so I’m asking if they’d have to go recreate their app on and submit for review


@TheLoneDeveloper - Can you please provide the error message that you are receiving?

You will be able to access and manage your Twitter apps via for a while longer, however we will be retiring that resource soon. I do suggest that you apply for a developer account, as we are generally moving our app systems into the developer portal. For example, you must have an approved developer account to create apps.

Your Twitter apps are attached to your @handle. If you created them on, you will be able to see and manage those apps via the developer portal. Your app authorizations will also transfer from one platform to the next.


The error is “code:185 message: User is over daily status update limit.”

This is not possible because the user sites(they have their own developer apps) don’t even tweet that much an hour, the solution has been for them to go to and create a new app and use it instead…so I’m not sure the reason for the error if the user isnt even tweeting from their apps more than twice an hour