User: Go back and view past 1-3 days of own twitter feed?


How can I capture my own twitter feed if I want to review it again?
a). If I’m out, and want to view,the past 12 hours, for instance? Or 24 hours? Or 48 hours?
b). If I have many users I’m following… and want to go back…see the past four hours (because they come in to my stream too fast to keep up)… That is, without having to keep scrolling down a page… over and over again…



Hi @ jrdunson2h!

If you wanted to do this programmatically, I might suggest using the REST user_timeline endpoint:

You should be able to use it for yours/your friends’ timelines, as needed. You’ll also need to learn how to work with our max_id parameter for our style of pagination.

At scale, this may result in rate limiting. At which point, you might either consider our streaming APIs, or using GNIP for the search ability.


Can you help me understand this further? … max_id? pagination style, ‘rate limiting’, GNIP, why move from REST to GNIP?


You can learn about paging through timelines in our API in the docs.

You might want to move to GNIP due to the volumes of data you are talking about, since the APIs are rate-limited; or because you eventually want to page back beyond the 7 days of information you get from the REST API.