User / Connection limits for Site Streams - confusing docs


In the docs for Site Streams[1] it says:

“Limit the follow count to 100 users per stream while connecting. Use Control Streams to add up to 1,000 users per connection. See Control Streams for Site Streams. Open no more than 25 new connections per second and exponentially back-off on errors.”

In the docs for Control Streams for Site Streams[2] it says:

“Your initial connection to Site Streams allows you to specify 100 users. You can stream up to 1,000 users per connection, but you must add the additional 101st to 1,000th users through the add_user method, at a rate not exceeding 25 requests per second per site stream installation.”

I’m confused about the “25 per second” limit, as the first says it applies to connections (ie, streams), and the second says it applies to users per connection/stream. Which is correct?