User clicks "tweet" button, that opens twitter's popup. Any callback to capture if user really twitted?


Twitter provides many twitter buttons to embed on the webpage as shown here Is there anyway to capture that user did really tweet, not simply closed the popup? Is there any callback mechanism can be applied, either by javascript or server side. My app does not require user to give permission to my app to tweet on user’s behalf. Hence I would like to know the user who clicked “tweet” button on my site/app really twitted. One thing, I will have the user’s screen name, who has clicked the button.

I guess there could be two ways accomplish it:

  1. If on the server side, if twitter can callback my endpoint to let me know that a message was posted by a user @xyz
  2. Or on the browser itself, a javascript callback can be processed?

Is it possible?

I am a newbie and first time trying to use twitter API, so please pardon my stupid question, if it sounds :wink:


Take a look at [node:184] which describes how to setup Javascript callbacks that listen for specific events in the Tweet Button and our other features based on Web Intents.


Thank you @episod


@episod how can i track really twitted tweets without using javascrit interface (using like stream api)

I need to track my user really twitted related site topics,