User auth and app auth



Please can i know which of the above 2 mentioned auth is better.
I realized that with the (“user auth”) i can let users authorize my app and grab their tokens and then each user can submit 180 queries.

With the ( "app auth ") a user without authorization can execute a query (450 as a limit).

So kindly I need an advice taking into consideration that my project should handle thousands of users.

NB: I tested both and they are working fine but i am seeking for increasing the number of queries/user in case multiple users at a time are using my application.


App Auth is best when you want a simple method of making a limited number of requests without user context. If your usage is outside of that you’ll probably want to go with standard User Auth.


Hi Abraham,
Thanks for your advice.
Can i also know if it is possible multiple simultaneous users use my app? (in user auth and app auth)


I’m not quite sure what you mean. You can make all requests with app auth and all of your requests will share the single bucket of request rate limit. Or you can authenticate each individual users and the number of requests that user makes will not have an effect on any other users rate limit.



You just answered my question.:grinning: