User access token... still waiting


Got my first tweet from my site to go through just fine using tmhOAuth. Wen’t out to the hardware store, tried to send another and kept getting 403 errors. Refreshed my consumer key & secret along with my user access token but the user access token is still showing the same old one, and now i’m getting 401 errors. Does it take a while for the user access token to refresh or am I just missing something?


When you got the 403 errors, were you sending duplicate statuses?

When you reset your consumer key and secret, how long did you wait until you reset the “my access token” feature? I would recommend regenerating your access token again after noting the current values, then ensure you’re using the most recent values once the cache expires (can be up to 5 minutes or so). You could also just negotiate the token using OAuth instead.


Thanks for your reply. The tweet is generated on a random cycle through 20,000 possible tweets we’ve pulled together for our followers, I haven’t seen it try a duplicate yet, so I don’t think that was the issue. And we only had one successful tweet go through, so I don’t think we’re over the tweet limit.

But I reset the consumer key and secret, then a couple minutes later the user access token. I’ve cleared cache a few times and even looked from a diff computer. I’ve hit the recreate button again a couple times at later intervals but still no luck. Can’t seem to get it to show me a new token :frowning:


UPDATE: I deleted my app, created a new one, got all new keys and tokens and secrets, download a fresh copy of tmhoauth from github, and voila! I’m sure it was a ; in the wrong place or something, but seems to be working now.

Now I just need to figure out why URLs passed through aren’t being wrapped by even thought we’ve enabled that for the app. Sends the entire URL through instead.