Use spaces in MoPub ad target keywords



We are attempting to use dynamic keywords in my app and some of them have spaces. The MoPub documentation states that spaces are allowed.

Passing Keywords
Keywords allow you to target certain ad requests with user data. This feature is often used to differentiate a specific user demographic or users on different app versions.

For banner and interstitial ads, pass the keywords from your app to MoPub as a comma-separated list in the ad view. They should be formatted as key/value pairs (e.g. m_age:24). You can use any character except “&” and “=”. Spaces are allowed, and special characters are discouraged.

Here are the log files from XCode simulator that show what we are passing into MoPub

2015-10-04 14:46:38.156 HorseShow[10352:377008] MOPUB: Banner view (5686011591d448b2afde237cc7474775) loading ad with MoPub server URL:,screen:classList,discipline:Pole%20Bending&o=p&sc=2.0&z=-0400&mr=1&ct=2&av=1.2&dn=x86_64

We set our advanced keyword targeting to
discipline:Pole Pending

then we tried

then we tried
discipline:“Pole Bending”

none of these worked.

then we tried
discipline:“Pole Bending”

We tried single keywords and they work:

What delimiter should we use to allow spaces to work in my target keywords?

By the way:
Unfortunately, we only tested against single word keywords and missed keywords with spaces in pre-release testing. The app is currently in production and can not be easily changed out. So stripping out the spaces of the dynamic due to the apple store release delays. We support time sensitive events, so time is of the essence.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi there - can you please send an email to support @ mopub so we can look in to this immediately?