Use Premium API SearchFull archive ,Help


Hi, Have a nice day,please help me!
I used REST API before
I have a premium searchfull API. I want to tweet with a word filter for a certain range of dates in a specific locale. But I do not know how to encode.
How can I create python code.
Thank you very much…


You could take a look at our example search-tweets Python module and see if that can help you. It is built for the premium 30-day and full-archive search APIs.


@andypiper Thank you for your reply,but I do not know how to make this module an appropriate code…


OK. What kind of code are you familiar with? You mentioned Python, and the Github project I pointed you to is written in Python and provides some step-by-step examples in the README, including an example with a date range on the full archive.

If you have used the standard search API before, I suggest reading the integration guide for premium, as it should help you to understand the differences.


hello andy,
Can you please point me to Twitter Premium search full archieve api Java wrapper/SDK?


There’s currently no Java wrapper we provide. We do have Python and Ruby wrappers. Hopefully in time the community will build out support for Java and other languages.