Use of Tweet location in a research project



I’m currently doing a research project and we wanted to look at using Twitter posts as a means of providing real-time event occurence display whereby Tweets are mapped to a location based on the information they are providing. This location would be extracted by either identifying a place mention in the text or the coordinates provided if it is geo-located. I’m a bit unsure if this is allowed based on the API terms I.4.A and I.4.E as they talk about not returning and storing information, and the storage and use of location information. I have seen a lot of research projects where location information has been used and mapped for items such as monitoring wild fire and earthquakes, so wandered if there is some sort of clause somewhere? Obviously to make proper use of the information collected we would want to store the text and location attribute in a database, alongside a user id of some sort.

So basically, can the location information of Tweets (either explicit or determined from named places) be used for creating maps showing occurences of particular events, and the text and location be stored in a database? I have been playing around with a Python-Twitter plugin to get at the Tweets themselves.



earthquake in salem