Use of My Access Token returns 503 error



I’m trying to implement the My Access Token feature to try and update the user’s status (by passing the whole OAuth flow) but keep getting back a 503 Error (Service Temporarily Unavailable). I’ve been waiting this past week for the My Access Token feature to be fixed and given that this was completed this morning I’ve gone ahead and recreated the Access Token but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? (apart from negotiating the entire OAuth flow)



I’ve also tried to reset the Consumer Key & Secret but that didn’t help either.


when I connected to twitter from drupal site the following error displayed

Woah there!
This page is no longer valid. It looks like someone already used the token information you provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again … it was probably an honest mistake.


Hi Prasad,

I didn’t really understand your last post there, could you care to elaborate?



Where are you seeing the 503 error? Have you tried again today? What method were you requesting. 503 Errors happen when Twitter is overloaded or the request is taking too long to process. Can you describe the steps you took to regenerate your access token?




I’m getting the 503 error when I read the HTTP response header that my mobile application receives after making a POST request with the help of the HTTP API in my mobile OS. I’m attempting to update the users status (via I’ve tried again today and I’m getting the same result (I was getting the same error code and message when the My Access Token feature was down).

I’ve tried to recreate the Access Token using 3 different ways by
(1) - hitting the “Recreate my Access Token” button under the “Your Access Token section”.
(2) - resetting the consumer key and secret and creating a new Access Token (Access level - Read/Write).
(3) - creating a new application and updating my mobile app with the new Consumer & Token keys and secrets. (I’ve double checked the Access level as well - Read/Write).

I’ve updated my code and tried to make a request using the above ways and I’m getting the same error code+message each time I try one of them.

Thanks for your help!



I’m making my HTTP POST requests from a different IP address and this has seemed to has surprisingly worked. I’m now getting a 200 and an OK code. The problem I’m facing now is that while I’m getting this confirmation code I’m not seeing any tweet updates on my Twitter account.